Welcome to the PayHub Developer Portal.

This site contains information on integrating PayHub's payment solutions with your website or application. There are several different ways to incorporate payments into your system. Below are three general solutions, depending on your needs.

PayHub Checkout

Send items and variable payment information to a PayHub-hosted checkout page. This set of solution also allows you to create buttons and forms that you can embed into your website. They are simple to use and require very little programming knowledge. These solutions have the added benefit of removing PCI scope from your system!

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Third-party Integrations

You already have an e-commerce site or POS system in mind, but still want to use PayHub as a payment platform. We have integrated with several third-party solutions. This way you can use the e-commerce shopping cart or POS system of your choice.

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Transaction API

The do-it-yourself solution. Our transaction API allows you to incorporate payments into any application in any way that you desire. More advanced coding chops are necessary.

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